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Gas and Oil Lease Services

Since 2005, MAJR Resources has proudly provided oil and gas leasing services to satisfied clients in Texas and across the United States. With full title research landman services, and more, our mission is to increase production and maximize efficacy so that we help to ensure that your oil and gas exploration and production processes proceed without a hitch.

You have more pressing concerns than researching land and mineral titles and negotiating with property owners, which is why you need a qualified and effective partner like MAJR Resources to pave the way for every oil or gas lease in Texas, and beyond. Our goal is to help our clients operate at full capacity while minimizing costly downtime. What are gas and oil leasing services? Why is it so important to negotiate for the right gas or oil lease in Texas? Who needs oil and gas leasing services? If you have any of these questions, MAJR Resources has the answers, and the solutions that keep business flowing.

Mineral Rights

The truth is, the oil and gas industry is constantly evolving. As new litigation comes into play, this leads to new interpretations of mineral conveyances as well as previous leasing details. When it comes to the leasing of your minerals for both exploration and development — this will be one of the most challenging transactions you’ll make. It’s also one of the most important.

Based on this evolving industry, it’s critical that you structure leasing terms in a thoughtful, proactive manner. After all, you may need to live with your lease for decades. This step should not be taken lightly, as it requires careful wording, and ultimately knowledge of the industry through expert guidance and support.

Leases will vary, so it’s important to understand each and every detail prior to any mineral exploration or extraction.

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Your Trusted Landman Services

At MAJR Resources, we have a long history of successful outcomes for our clients, thanks to comprehensive landman services designed to help you reach your goals. Our seasoned professionals have the skill and experience to research titles, negotiate leases, and navigate permits on your behalf, providing the end-to-end services that get your project underway quickly and efficiently.

What are landman services?

A landman’s basic function is to help gas and oil companies obtain the right to explore, mine, and manufacture their product on specific pieces of property. They’re employed or contracted by energy companies to serve as intermediaries between company management and private property owners.
Research is a major component of a landman’s job. They’re responsible for identifying the proper owners of a given piece of land through researching title histories, existing mineral rights, and courthouse records. They’re also prime participants in the negotiation process between the parties, and are responsible for reporting and keeping relevant data, lease agreements and documentation relating to the mineral rights of the property in question.

Who hires a landman company?

Landmen are retained by gas, oil, or energy companies. These corporations’ core business models may include exploring new resources and manufacturing energy, as well as offering energy commercially. Most landmen are independent contractors, though some larger companies may have full-time landmen on staff.

What are the responsibilities of a Texas landman?

We go where you need us and we’re capable of managing and coordinating projects of any size and scope, whether you’re interested in a small parcel or you’re exploring the potential of a larger region. A landman in Texas assumes several responsibilities in the job of securing mineral rights for gas and oil companies, including:

  • Title research. Obtaining and analyzing all the information related to ownership and title history of a given piece of land.
  • Previous use history. Determining whether prospective properties have been used as sources for drilling, excavation, or mining in the past.
  • Land inspection. Analyzing and documenting the condition, soil, topography, and physical factors of the land.
  • Mineral receivership situations. Helping to establish rights to properties whose present owners or mineral right holders cannot be located or identified.
  • Lease negotiations. Acting as the company’s agent in securing agreements and compensation for the occupation and use of the land over a specific time.
  • Right-of-way negotiations. Obtaining agreements for mineral rights, construction (such as pipelines), and establishment of workspaces on the property.
  • Acquisitions. Organizing staff and managing operations for the obtaining of prospective properties.
  • Permits. Securing legal or government permission for drilling, excavation, construction, or mining of private property.
  • Project management. Building and organizing teams and functions for land projects and mining activities.
  • Other duties. Documentation and updating of lease agreements, operational reports, and receipts; acting as a liaison between corporate managers, contractors, regulators, and public agencies; analysis and updating maps and physical data of the property.

You have more important matters to attend to where your business is concerned. When you partner with MAJR Resources for landman services, you won’t have to worry about the hours of research and coordination needed to negotiate favorable leases for mineral rights. We’ll do the heavy lifting for you with efficient and effective outcomes.

How does a Texas landman service help clients?

A landman is a researcher, scientific analyst, coordinator, and legal negotiator all in one. Landmen have extensive experience in the areas where they work. They’re sources of expertise for everything from a land’s terrain and topography to local history and dealing with local agencies.
When an oil or gas company seeks to obtain land in an unfamiliar or new area, contracting a landman gives them an instant source of knowledge about the property. A landman gives the corporation an authentic local presence, one that fairly represents their interests and secures the most favorable terms for all involved parties. Landmen are valuable, indispensable resources in the discovery and development of new energy sources.

Customized Services for Your Specific Needs

Every project is unique, and at MAJR Resources, we understand that you expect customized services suited to your specific needs. Our highly qualified team of professionals is ready to deliver the personalized solutions that will help you achieve your goals in the most efficient, convenient, and cost-effective manner possible. When you need reliable landman services to launch your next venture, contact the experts at MAJR Resources to get started.

What is Oil and Gas Leasing?

When it comes to obtaining an oil or gas lease in Texas or other parts of the country, you should know there is a process involved. It begins with lease checks and title research, as well as research on mineral rights and the prospect of mineral purchasing. Once you have relevant information about properties and mineral rights, the next step is to start negotiating potential leases and purchases of property and/or mineral rights.

This complex process requires proper organization, management, drafting of legal documents, and more. Requirements may vary by state and could become more complicated in situations where owners or heirs are difficult to track down. While you could try to manage this on your own, juggling the demands of nailing down a gas or oil lease in Texas with the duties of overseeing current operations, there’s no need to stretch yourself thin and risk errors that could impact productivity and profits.

MAJR Resources has years of experience and an exceptional team already in place to manage these essential tasks on your behalf, with effective and efficient oil and gas leasing services tailored to your particular needs. With full title research and professional landman services, our specialized team has the qualifications to speed the leasing process and help you get the best possible deal.

It’s crucial to lock in a deal with favorable terms, since it could be in effect for many years. Negotiating for usage, royalties, duration of the contract, and more can help to ensure profitability, if done right. Don’t risk your future by going it alone or working with inexperienced oil and gas leasing services. When you partner with the experts at MAJR Resources, you’ll gain the benefit of our years of knowledge and experience, so you can focus on more important tasks.

Who Needs an Oil and Gas Lease in Texas?

If you’re interested in oil or gas exploration and production, you’re going to need mineral rights and potentially surface rights, depending on the scope and scale of planned operations. This means obtaining proper leases, negotiating with landowners or title holders, creating legal contracts, and possibly purchasing property, depending on your particular plans.

The best way to ensure that everything goes smoothly is by partnering with qualified gas and oil leasing services. With years of experience and a long track record of satisfied clients, MAJR Resources has the knowledge and experience to manage research, negotiations, and more on your behalf.

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Empowering Your Energy Ventures