Energy Storage and Renewables: A Growing Frontier

Commercial solar farms can range from between 150 to 2000 acres. Battery storage projects can range from 5 acres to 25 acres. Renewables currently are not necessarily designed to completely take over and replace the generation of electricity that powers our energy grids, rather to stabilize the grid in cost, distribution, and hectic weather events.

Our company prides itself in being at the forefront of creating synergies with both the oil and gas industry, aka fossil fuels, and the renewable industries. Rather than create a division, we understand that there is a coherent need in creating a sustainable relationship between energy industries. For the remainder of our current lifetime, energy will be needed whether it comes from fossil fuels, renewables, or nuclear applications.

Renewables Project Assessment

Is there an immediate transmission line or substation? *
Are there several, or very little steep slopes? *
Is there a lot of flood plain area and streams, or minimal? *
Are there structures built that need to remain permanent? *
Are there any current surface leases that burden the entire surface? *
Are there oil and gas operations?
If so, is the operator of the oil and gas operations easily accessible to work with?
If known, are there any pipelines and transmission lines, or other easements that remain permanent? *