Land Title Mastery: Unmatched Expertise and Resilient Service Standards

We handle all aspects of land title and negotiations. Our landmen are highly qualified to perform in their fields. Our management and leadership team works closely to ensure that all land personnel are qualified, driven, and self-efficient.

We have faced the recent industry downturns head-on by consistently and relentlessly delivering only the best service to our clients. We are efficient in costs, work product accuracy, and timeliness.

wind turbines in field

Our Services for Oil and Gas Exploration, Solar, Wind, and all other Energy Companies:

  • Cursory Lease Checks

  • Due Diligence for Any Size Acquisition

  • Title Research Ranging from Surface to Leasehold

  • All Leasing Aspects, as well as ROW, Easement and SUA Procurement

  • Runsheet Preparation for Title Opinions

  • Research and Mineral Purchasing

  • Curative Completion Including Drafting of Curative Documents and Pooling Agreements

  • Project Management and Organization

  • Notary Public Services for the State of Texas

  • Investigative Services such as People Finding and Heirship Specialization

  • Division Order Curative and Assistance

  • And More!