Areas Served

Oil & Gas Title to Mineral Purchasing

MAJR Resources offers the most qualified & efficient landman services, including oil & gas title to mineral purchasing in the Permian Basin & other areas.

Every project we take on can very well be within an entirely different demographic area and entirely different in nature. Each area can consist of unique issues that will be known by our experienced and local landmen.

When staffing, we consider the expertise and knowledge needed for each area, regarding both governmental authorities and local concerns with each project we take on.

MAJR Resources - Areas Served

Where We Work

We have serviced the Texas Panhandle, North Texas, South Texas, East Texas, North Dakota, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, Mississippi, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Ohio. We provide a full scope of land services in each area. Our primary area of focus has been in Texas, with a large focus in the Permian Basin.

Contact us today and we’ll work to serve you anywhere, at a competitive price, with the full extent of our facilities and proficiency.